Why Use an Agent?

For most businesses, leasing office space in Toronto is a major commitment. While the cost of commercial real estate can significantly affect your bottom line, it also has many other important consequences. Having a Toronto office space expert on your team, who is in tune with the market and understands your needs, will make a big difference in your real estate search and negotiation outcome.

You will save time
While we search for your office space, you can focus on running your business.

It’s free
Our service is free to you- the tenant. Office leasing in Toronto is similar to a residential real estate transaction. The owner pays his broker a commission for each lease signed. If we represent you, the other broker splits the commission with us for helping them lease the office space. You can have a professional on your side, protecting your real estate interests, at no cost to you.

It’s smart business
Knowledge of the current market conditions and the leasing process is critical for success. If you represent yourself, you are at an overwhelming competitive disadvantage. The owner has a broker who knows the market and is paid to protect their interests during the real estate transaction. You can level the playing field by appointing an office space expert to represent you–ensuring you will get the best possible deal when negotiating for your new real estate.

Methods to find your new office space:

  1. You can drive an area and write down phone numbers from signs.
    Problem: Buildings frequently leave signs up year round, even if there is no office space available or the agents do not call you back!
  2. You can go online and print available listings.
    Problem: The internet is frequently out of date and you risk subscribing to a spam or fee related website.
  3. You can contact Office Search

Office Search Toronto has access to both the Multiple Listing Service and our own custom database of available office space, updated on a daily basis. Did you know some buildings are offering 6 months of free rent or an allowance of up to $35 per square foot towards your construction or improvements as required?