Colliers Canada National Video 2012

Another kick butt video put together by my friends at Crucial Pictures – same group that did the video for Trend Hunter.

What do you think about creating video testimonials like these for your clients as a commercial real estate agent?  In today’s world it’s more than just about the “real estate transaction” – its about accelerating everyone’s success!

Other videos :
Pixel Carve Inc.
Solutia SDO


  • Coy Davidson

    Nice! Love these professionally done videos the Trend Hunter and Mozilla videos are “best in class” for #CRE

  • michelleanders

    Nice! Professional way of representing the videos! 

  • Barbi Reuter

    First class representation of your commercial real estate brand. Really nicely done.

  • katey

    Wow, It’s really too good. You way of presentation is really
    professional. I really enjoy this video. Keep it up.

  • Realestateforsaletoronto


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  • Real Estate Agents Toronto

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